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Used to assist with accessing the attic without needing to build a staircase, attic ladders help homeowners more conveniently access the items that are stored in their attics. Available in a wide variety of materials and lengths, one should be selected so they extend all the way to the floor and offer a safe opportunity for ascending to the attic.

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Louisville Everest Attic LadderSmall Photo of Everest Attic Ladder

$518.20 - $588.60

Fakro lst scissor attic ladderSmall Photo of lst scissor attic ladder

$573.00 - $735.99

Telesteps loft ladderSmall Photo of loft ladder


Fakro owm folding metal attic ladderSmall Photo of owm folding metal attic ladder

$228.50 - $298.00

Rainbow F-14 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-14 Series Attic Ladder

$2,110.00 - $2,310.00

Fakro LWS-PL Attic Stair LadderSmall Photo of LWS-PL Attic Stair Ladder

$335.00 - $419.99

Louisville elite aluminum attic ladderSmall Photo of elite aluminum attic ladder

$255.80 - $265.47

Louisville big boy attic ladderSmall Photo of big boy attic ladder

$299.99 - $322.80

Louisville champion attic ladderSmall Photo of champion attic ladder

$215.37 - $350.55

Louisville premium wood attic ladderSmall Photo of premium wood attic ladder

$174.50 - $230.75

Rainbow F-13 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-13 Series Attic Ladder

$2,020.00 - $2,120.00

Rainbow F-15 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-15 Series Attic Ladder

$2,170.00 - $2,370.00

Rainbow F-12 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-12 Series Attic Ladder

$1,600.00 - $1,700.00

Rainbow F-10 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-10 Series Attic Ladder

$1,450.00 - $1,450.00

Rainbow F-11 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-11 Series Attic Ladder

$1,525.00 - $1,525.00

Rainbow F-8 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-8 Series Attic Ladder

$1,355.00 - $1,455.00

Rainbow F-9 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-9 Series Attic Ladder

$1,425.00 - $1,525.00

Fakro LWN attic stair ladderSmall Photo of LWN attic stair ladder

$166.00 - $246.40

Fakro lwn-p attic stair ladderSmall Photo of lwn-p attic stair ladder

$224.00 - $293.00

Fakro lsf fire-resistant attic ladderSmall Photo of lsf fire-resistant attic ladder

$765.00 - $824.99

Fakro lms folding metal attic ladderSmall Photo of lms folding metal attic ladder

$327.00 - $390.00

Fakro lwt energy-efficient attic ladderSmall Photo of lwt energy-efficient attic ladder

$485.00 - $625.00

Attic Ladders Overview

What is an Attic Ladder?

Also referred to as loft ladders, attic ladders are retractable that are installed directly into the floor of an attic. Since they can be extended from the ceiling whenever the attic needs to be accessed, they serve as a space-saving alternative to fixed stairways.

Generally speaking, an attic ladder is stored in the floor of the ceiling, which also serves as the ceiling of the room below the attic. It is usually accessed by pulling a rope or a lever that hangs from the ceiling. In some cases, it will fold into multiple sections that can be unfolded in order to extend the full length of the ladder. While some slide on rails, others telescope to extend from the attic to the floor. In addition, while some must be manually unfolded, others unfold automatically.

How to Choose an Attic Ladder
  • Application: Should only be used for accessing an attic after properly installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Materials: Most commonly made from wood or aluminum, but some are also made from fiberglass or steel. The type of material can have a significant effect on the overall weight of the ladder.

  • Height/Reach: Measure the height from the floor to the attic opening when determining the length needed, keeping in mind that it will at a slant when in use.

  • Duty Rating: When determining the necessary duty rating, consider the weight of the user as well as the weight of items that are likely to be carried up and down the steps.

  • Safety Concerns: Must be installed correctly to ensure they can support the advertised weight and so they do not unfold in a manner that can potentially harm the user.

Attic Ladder Uses

Primarily used for residential purposes, attic ladders provide homeowners with an easy and convenient way to access their attics without wasting valuable floor space. They can be used in any part of the home where the attic entry is located, provided there is adequate floor space and clearance for pulling it out for use.

Attic Ladder Safety Tips

When pulling one down from the ceiling, care must be taken to ensure the attic ladder does not unfold in such a manner to hit the user or pinch body parts. It should also be periodically inspected to ensure it is properly installed to the attic floor/ceiling of the floor beneath the attic. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury if the attic ladder were to somehow fall out of place while in use.