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An extension ladder is a useful tool to have around the home as well as at a place of business. Durable and flexible in terms of the height that they can achieve, extension ladders take up relatively little space and can be easily used anywhere with a flat surface and a stable structure on which the ladder can be leaned. As such, extension ladders are a popular choice among those who need to access rooftops or high areas of walls and other similar structures.

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Extension Ladders Overview

What is an Extension Ladder?

An extension ladder is a ladder that can be altered to varying vertical lengths by simply sliding one section along a sliding mechanism connected to other sections. Typically constructed of aluminum or fiberglass designed to keep them light enough for easy transport, taller versions generally contain a rope and pulley system designed to assist with raising or lowering the top section to achieve the proper height.

How to Choose an Extension Ladder

When choosing the right extension ladder for your needs, you should consider the following factors:

  • Application: These are used to reach high locations where there is a wall or other sturdy structure against it can be leaned.

  • Materials: They are typically available in aluminum and fiberglass. Fiberglass is recommended if it will be used while working around electricity.

  • Height/reach: Generally ranging from 14 to 40 feet, the height should be determined based on the maximum height the user is likely to require.

  • Duty Rating: Since these are frequently used while carrying items up and down to a rooftop, the weight of the user in addition to the weight of materials should be considered when determining the proper duty rating.

  • Safety Concerns: They should have locking mechanisms to hold the sections in place once they have been extended. It should also have feet at the bottom to prevent slipping.

Extension Ladder Uses

Typically used for both residential and commercial purposes. Homeowners typically keep one on hand to assist with tasks such as clearing out gutters, washing house siding, painting the house and cleaning outside windows. Construction workers and other contractors frequently use them to assist with reaching rooftops, cutting branches from trees or other laborious tasks that require reaching greater heights.

Extension Ladder Safety Tips

Since they are not self-supporting, they must be leaned against a wall or other structure. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure it is properly supported before use. You must have two points of contact on the ground as well as a contact on a wall, roof or other structure at the top of the ladder. Similarly, it is essential to ensure the various sections are locked together once the desired height is achieved. This prevents it from slipping back to the non-extended position while it is in use. The telescoping section should not be used if it does not contain fee. Similarly, the extension ladder should have feet at the bottom to prevent slipping.