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Ladders are useful tools that should be included in the supply list of any worksite or home. Not only do ladders assist with reaching areas that are well above the head, but the right ladder can also increase the efficiency task completion while also reducing fatigue.

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Little Giant ClassicSmall Photo of Classic

$138.99 - $319.99

Telesteps extension ladderSmall Photo of extension ladder

$218.45 - $269.00

Louisville Everest Attic LadderSmall Photo of Everest Attic Ladder

$518.20 - $588.60

Louisville lightweight extension ladderSmall Photo of lightweight extension ladder

$408.08 - $932.28

DeWalt aluminum multipurpose ladderSmall Photo of aluminum multipurpose ladder

$285.71 - $464.40

Little Giant LT LadderSmall Photo of LT Ladder

$179.00 - $199.00

Telesteps telescoping combination ladderSmall Photo of telescoping combination ladder

$222.90 - $387.85

Fakro lst scissor attic ladderSmall Photo of lst scissor attic ladder

$573.00 - $735.99

Louisville fiberglass extension ladderSmall Photo of fiberglass extension ladder

$256.42 - $701.26

DeWalt fiberglass stepladderSmall Photo of fiberglass stepladder

$167.28 - $516.12

Safety Step Industrial Step StoolSmall Photo of Industrial Step Stool

$112.74 - $142.30

Little Giant Adjustable Safety CageSmall Photo of Adjustable Safety Cage

$1,199.99 - $2,000.99

DeWalt aluminum stepladderSmall Photo of aluminum stepladder

$73.44 - $448.08

Telesteps professional extension ladderSmall Photo of professional extension ladder

$316.50 - $365.55

Little Giant super dutySmall Photo of super duty

$361.99 - $427.99

Little Giant Select Step StepladderSmall Photo of Select Step Stepladder

$223.99 - $295.99

Little Giant lunar fiberglassSmall Photo of lunar fiberglass

$357.50 - $730.60

Little Giant Compact Safety CageSmall Photo of Compact Safety Cage

$1,280.99 - $1,929.99

Telesteps loft ladderSmall Photo of loft ladder


Little Giant flip-n-lite StepladderSmall Photo of flip-n-lite Stepladder

$72.99 - $104.99

Fakro owm folding metal attic ladderSmall Photo of owm folding metal attic ladder

$228.50 - $298.00

Little Giant safety step stepladderSmall Photo of safety step stepladder

$129.99 - $179.99

Rainbow F-14 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-14 Series Attic Ladder

$2,110.00 - $2,310.00

DeWalt lightweight fiberglass stepladderSmall Photo of lightweight fiberglass stepladder

$145.86 - $228.48

Fakro LWS-PL Attic Stair LadderSmall Photo of LWS-PL Attic Stair Ladder

$335.00 - $419.99

DeWalt fiberglass pro grip extension ladderSmall Photo of fiberglass pro grip extension ladder

$655.86 - $1,281.12

Louisville platform ladderSmall Photo of platform ladder

$201.96 - $645.30

Louisville combination ladderSmall Photo of combination ladder

$391.68 - $454.92

Louisville Fiberglass Step LadderSmall Photo of Fiberglass Step Ladder

$90.40 - $422.72

Little Giant Safety CageSmall Photo of Safety Cage

$669.99 - $889.99

Louisville advent stepladderSmall Photo of advent stepladder

$83.64 - $433.96

Louisville elite aluminum attic ladderSmall Photo of elite aluminum attic ladder

$255.80 - $265.47

Louisville big boy attic ladderSmall Photo of big boy attic ladder

$299.99 - $322.80

DeWalt fiberglass twin front stepladderSmall Photo of fiberglass twin front stepladder

$231.54 - $776.22

DeWalt heavy duty fiberglass stepladderSmall Photo of heavy duty fiberglass stepladder

$205.02 - $610.98

Little Giant VelocitySmall Photo of Velocity

$165.99 - $279.99

Little Giant conquest fiberglassSmall Photo of conquest fiberglass

$581.99 - $671.99

Black and Decker Aluminum Extension LadderSmall Photo of Aluminum Extension Ladder

$518.33 - $518.33

DeWalt Pro Top Fiberglass Extension LadderSmall Photo of Pro Top Fiberglass Extension Ladder

$390.66 - $1,083.24

Louisville aircraft mechanic ladderSmall Photo of aircraft mechanic ladder

$502.86 - $1,575.90

Louisville aluminum articulating ladderSmall Photo of aluminum articulating ladder

$426.36 - $486.54

Louisville aluminum euro platformSmall Photo of aluminum euro platform

$120.36 - $142.80

Louisville aluminum extension-redSmall Photo of aluminum extension-red

$176.46 - $384.54

Louisville aluminum mulipurpose ladderSmall Photo of aluminum mulipurpose ladder

$399.84 - $432.48

Louisville aluminum sawhorseSmall Photo of aluminum sawhorse

$193.80 - $308.04

Louisville aluminum straight ladderSmall Photo of aluminum straight ladder

$187.68 - $255.00

Louisville aluminum twin platform ladderSmall Photo of aluminum twin platform ladder

$265.20 - $771.12

Louisville cds straight ladderSmall Photo of cds straight ladder

$259.74 - $505.56

Louisville champion attic ladderSmall Photo of champion attic ladder

$215.37 - $350.55

Louisville classic shelf ladderSmall Photo of classic shelf ladder

$109.14 - $388.62

Louisville commercial straight ladderSmall Photo of commercial straight ladder

$225.06 - $444.36

Louisville cross step ladderSmall Photo of cross step ladder

$144.84 - $448.80

Little Giant dark horse ladderSmall Photo of dark horse ladder

$350.99 - $759.99

Louisville Fiberglass extension ladderSmall Photo of Fiberglass extension ladder

$489.87 - $510.96

Louisville fiberglass mechanic ladderSmall Photo of fiberglass mechanic ladder

$135.71 - $476.81

Louisville fiberglass platform ladderSmall Photo of fiberglass platform ladder

$180.54 - $565.08

Louisville fiberglass rhino stepladderSmall Photo of fiberglass rhino stepladder

$189.72 - $512.04

Louisville fiberglass shelf ladderSmall Photo of fiberglass shelf ladder

$191.76 - $237.66

Louisville fiberglass step standSmall Photo of fiberglass step stand

$218.28 - $425.34

Louisville fiberglass straight ladderSmall Photo of fiberglass straight ladder

$143.82 - $341.70

Louisville fiberglass tripod ladderSmall Photo of fiberglass tripod ladder

$185.64 - $436.56

Louisville fiberglass work platformSmall Photo of fiberglass work platform

$1,972.68 - $3,690.36

Safety Step handle stepSmall Photo of handle step

$202.96 - $207.76

Louisville ide rhino extension ladderSmall Photo of ide rhino extension ladder

$360.06 - $1,302.54

Louisville master shelf ladderSmall Photo of master shelf ladder

$105.06 - $455.94

Louisville mechanic ladderSmall Photo of mechanic ladder

$180.54 - $490.62

Little Giant Microburst StepladderSmall Photo of Microburst Stepladder

$85.16 - $197.99

Louisville premium wood attic ladderSmall Photo of premium wood attic ladder

$174.50 - $230.75

Louisville rhino aluminum stepladderSmall Photo of rhino aluminum stepladder

$225.42 - $504.90

Louisville rhino master platform ladderSmall Photo of rhino master platform ladder

$258.06 - $449.82

Louisville step-straight ladderSmall Photo of step-straight ladder

$391.68 - $454.92

Louisville warehouse ladder 16" wideSmall Photo of warehouse ladder 16" wide

$175.44 - $498.78

Louisville warehouse ladder 24" wideSmall Photo of warehouse ladder 24" wide

$263.16 - $2,133.84

Rainbow F-13 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-13 Series Attic Ladder

$2,020.00 - $2,120.00

Rainbow F-15 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-15 Series Attic Ladder

$2,170.00 - $2,370.00

Rainbow F-12 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-12 Series Attic Ladder

$1,600.00 - $1,700.00

Rainbow F-10 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-10 Series Attic Ladder

$1,450.00 - $1,450.00

Rainbow F-11 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-11 Series Attic Ladder

$1,525.00 - $1,525.00

Rainbow F-8 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-8 Series Attic Ladder

$1,355.00 - $1,455.00

Rainbow F-9 Series Attic LadderSmall Photo of F-9 Series Attic Ladder

$1,425.00 - $1,525.00

Fakro LWN attic stair ladderSmall Photo of LWN attic stair ladder

$166.00 - $246.40

Fakro lwn-p attic stair ladderSmall Photo of lwn-p attic stair ladder

$224.00 - $293.00

Fakro lsf fire-resistant attic ladderSmall Photo of lsf fire-resistant attic ladder

$765.00 - $824.99

Fakro lms folding metal attic ladderSmall Photo of lms folding metal attic ladder

$327.00 - $390.00

Fakro lwt energy-efficient attic ladderSmall Photo of lwt energy-efficient attic ladder

$485.00 - $625.00

Ladders Overview

What is a ladder?

Available in a wide range of styles and materials, ladders are used to help reach elevated areas. Regardless of the type, every model is comprised of two basic components: side rails and rungs. The side rails run perpendicular to the ground and are used to provide stability and height. The rungs, which serve as the steps, run parallel to the ground and connect the side rails. Additional features may be found on different types depending upon its intended purpose.

How to choose a ladder?
  • Application: With so many different types available, it is important to consider how it will be used when choosing the right type. While extension ladders have to be propped against a building or other structure, A-Frames and stepladders are free standing.

  • Materials: Typically available in aluminum, wood or fiberglass. Fiberglass is the best option while working with electricity, while aluminum is typically a lighter option than wood.

  • Height/Reach: When determining the height that you need, be sure to consider the highest usable step while also accounting for the additional height that will be added by your personal height. Extension models are typically capable of reaching greater heights than other types available.

  • Duty Rating: The duty rating refers to the total weight capacity. Consider your weight as well as the weight of the tools, materials, and equipment you intend to carry.

  • Safety Concerns: Most have an additional rung at the top that is not intended to be used as a step. Be sure to read the owner’s manual to determine the highest step that is safe to use. Before climbing, check that all locking mechanisms are in place to ensure it does not accidentally collapse while in use.

Ladder uses

Ladders are used to reach areas that are too high to be reached without a boost. Some, such as stepladders, may only offer an extra foot or two of reach, while extension models may offer over 20 feet of additional height. While most are stood on the ground, attic models are pulled down from the ceiling in order to provide access to the attic space without needing to bring one in each time access is needed.

Ladder safety tips

Be sure to place it on even ground before climbing it. Some can be adjusted to accommodate for steps and other obstacles that create an uneven surface. Check to make sure all locking mechanisms are in place before use and never use a ladder on a slippery or soft surface.