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Call 1-800-523-3377 for deep discounts on bulk orders!

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Specializing in ladder levelers, LeveLok Corporation offers a full-range of products designed to help make ladder use safer. From levelers to tie-downs and stabilizers, contractors and homeowners are sure to find the perfect product to use for increasing ladder safety with LeveLok without having to sacrifice quality.

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How Did Levelok Ladder Leveler Start?

Headquartered in Poulsbo, Washington and specializing in ladder levelers, LeveLok Corporation was incorporated in 1995 with the goal of developing, manufacturing and distributing reliable safety products to contracting, utility and telecommunications. Distributed worldwide, the company’s ladder levelers boast a patented design that offers both simplicity and safety to homeowners and contractors.

The company’s flagship product, the LL-STB-1 ladder leveler, was originally invented by a building contractor who was frustrated by the poor quality of the levelers that were currently on the market. Although the company did not gain exclusive rights to the product’s patent until 1997, it began manufacturing and distributing the leveler in 1996.

In addition to ladder levelers, the company offers a full line of safety products designed to help homeowners stay safe while working on a ladder. Among these are pads and braces to improve comfort as well as brackets and straps to keep the ladder safely in place without damaging property. Each of the company’s products is manufactured using cutting-edge, state-of-the-art machinery and manufacturing processes ranging from milling and stamping to laser-cutting technology utilized for critical components. Capable of producing thousands of units per day, the company still manages to adhere to rigorous quality assurance standards that ensure reliability and quality in every product.

Overview of Levelok Ladder Leveler Products

LeveLok Corporation offers a variety of quality products. Among these are:

  • Base Unit Ladder Levelers: Attaches quickly and easily to the ladder rail with 3 mounting bolts, fender washers, and nylon locking nuts.

  • Quick Connect Ladder Levelers: Available in both single and double base models.

  • Permanent Mount Ladder Levelers: Includes all necessary hardware to permanently install on the ladder.

  • Standout Brackets: Weighing just 1.5 pounds and made from sturdy aluminum, standout brackets can be attached to most extension or sectional ladders to help protect gutters, windows, and other items while propping the ladder against a building.

  • Shoulder Rests and Shoulder Pads: Allows for easier and more comfortable transport of ladders while carrying them over the shoulder.

  • Ladder Dollies: Creates a wheel system that allows the ladder to be easily pulled from behind instead of carried.

  • Ladder Guards: Measuring 12 inches across and made from heavy UV-treated vinyl, guards prevent others from accessing ladders that are not currently in use.

  • Ladder Safety Straps: Safety harnesses used to strap the ladder to another object, such as around a pole or a tree.

  • Tie-Down Straps: Used to safely tie down the ladder while being transported or while in use. Available in a wide variety of colors, including black, green, gray, red, orange and blue.

  • Non-Conductive Umbrella: Measures 84 inches and provides protection from the sun, rain, and other elements while working on the job site.

  • Extension Pole Clamps for Umbrellas: Anchors the umbrella in place for use on the job site.