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Call 1-800-523-3377 for deep discounts on bulk orders!

Little Giant Hyperlite

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16' Type 1A$247.99
16' Type 1AA$299.90
20' Type 1A$389.99
20' Type 1AA$439.99
24' Type 1A$439.99
28' Type 1A$469.99
24' Type 1AA$499.99
28' Type 1AA$539.99
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  • Model: 28' Type 1AA
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Our Price:$539.99

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Why Buy a Little Giant hyperlite?

The new Little Giant Hyperlite ™ fiberglass extension ladder is purposefully designed to help prevent injuries and save lives.

The most common injuries that occur on extension ladders are from loading and unloading or carrying. That’s because standard extension ladders are heavy and long; making them awkward to handle and transport by a single user.

Injuries like torn rotator cuffs, herniated disks, ankle sprains and knee ligament tears have become all too common.

Other injuries occur because extension ladders can become almost invisible on the job site because of low visibility material colors. People run into them either with vehicles or walk into them while someone is at the top of the ladder.

And that’s why the Little Giant Hyperlite was created.

Introducing the Little Giant Hyperlite Ladder

The Little Giant Hyperlite is engineered to be the lightest fiberglass extension ladder in the World. Available in type 1A and 1AA duty rated versions, the Hyperlite weighs up to 40% lighter than the leading competitor’s standard fiberglass ladder. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice strength or stability to own such a lightweight ladder.

Little Giant Hyperlite Features

  • Hi-Viz Green is scientifically proven to be the most visible color in the world. It was created because some of the most catastrophic ladder accidents are caused by people who walk or drive into them while in use.

  • Specifically designed to help prevent the most common instances of injuries associated with ladder use.

  • The patent-pending Little Giant Hyperlite is up to 40% lighter than standard extension ladders by using a lighter, stronger, fiberglass material that reduces the overall weight by as much as 20 lbs. on a 24’ ladder.

  • Because of the lighter weight, there is less wear on shoulders, knees and a lot less strain and sprain.

  • Top three rungs are red and indicate “do not climb” and should be above any roof line.

  • The patent-pending Sure-Set™ foot allows you to set the feet in either flat or spike positions and have them stay in place.

  • Made of nonconductive fiberglass.

  • Wide flat rungs provide for increased comfort and reduced foot fatigue.

  • Dangerous center pulley systems are now obsolete thanks to the side mounted dual pulley system that removes the potential trip hazard. It is also easier to extend or retract with one hand using the leverage mechanics of the dual pulleys.

  • Available in 300 lbs. and 375 lbs. duty ratings in four sizes: 16’, 20’, 24’, and 28’.

Warranty 1year
Material fiberglass
Ansi type 1aa



What is the weight of the 24' and 28' Little Giant Hyperlite ladders? Can leg levelers be attached to these ladders? Can a safety standoff be attached to the top of these ladders?
about 1 year ago
Comment logo 71d2511371b310a928bfcc2ea29c80121c12f6c0d44118adcd7cd7c397c6cdba

Yes, a safety standoff can be attached to the top of these ladders. The 24' Type 1A weighs 43 lbs and the 28' Type 1A weighs 48 lbs.

What weight can the ladder hold extended?
about 1 year ago
Comment logo 71d2511371b310a928bfcc2ea29c80121c12f6c0d44118adcd7cd7c397c6cdba

The Little Giant HyperLite Type 1A can hold 300 lbs. The Type 1AA can hold 375 lbs.

What's the duty rating of this ladder?
about 1 year ago
Comment logo 71d2511371b310a928bfcc2ea29c80121c12f6c0d44118adcd7cd7c397c6cdba

The Little Giant HyperLite comes in two duty ratings, Type 1A rated to 300 lbs and Type 1AA rated to 375 lbs.

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5Based on 1 reviews

By: espina  |  about 1 year ago  

Had it about a week, best ladder I've ever used. going to put everyone else out of business at this price. It's so light!