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Little Giant Skyscraper

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  • SKU: 10121
  • Model: M21
  • Load Capacity: ANSI Type 1A (300 lbs)
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Little Giant Skyscraper M21

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Why Buy a Little Giant Skyscraper?

The Little Giant Skyscraper MXZ by is the World's tallest A-frame ladder.

Designed to be used in place of expensive lifts or scaffolding, these stepladders are ideal for reaching extreme heights or ceilings such as those found in auditoriums, theaters, churches, warehouses, gymnasiums, industrial buildings or homes with vaulted ceilings.

These are available in three different heights to meet your needs. These include 15’, 17’ and 21’ varieties, with these heights representing the maximum A-Frame height for each model.

The minimum A-Frame height is 8’, 9’ and 11’, while the weights are 66, 79 and 103 lbs. The storage width base for both the M15 and M17 model is 3’1” while the storage width base from the M21 model is 3’7”.

The Skyscraper MXZ ladder is available in three models:

  • Model 15 (sku 10109)
  • Model 17 (sku 10110)
  • Model 21 (sku 10121)

Regardless of the height, each model has an ANSI Type 1A Duty Rating with a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs. Each features an inner and outer rung size of 1” with a 3” double section rung size and include a 5-year warranty.

With their aluminum construction and extra heavy-duty lock tab extension lock system, they offer an exceptional level of safety and stability when reaching extremely high places. For additional safety, the Bi-Lock palm and hinge system ensures it will remain securely in place when in use.

Boasting weather-resistant construction, they are resistant to corrosion and rust, while the adjustable height allows them to be easily used on uneven surfaces such as stairs and ramps. The flared legs of the Little Giant Skyscraper create additional stability when using it to work on high areas.

Material aluminum


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How tall is it?
7 months ago
Comment logo 71d2511371b310a928bfcc2ea29c80121c12f6c0d44118adcd7cd7c397c6cdba

The M21 ladder is 21 feet tall, the M17 is 17 feet tall and the M15 is 15 feet tall. A typical user can reach objects 4 feet above the actual ladder height.

Can it be used as an extension ladder?
7 months ago
Comment logo 71d2511371b310a928bfcc2ea29c80121c12f6c0d44118adcd7cd7c397c6cdba

The Skyscraper cannot be used as an extension ladder. All four feet of the Skyscraper must always be on the ground.

How wide is it at the bottom
7 months ago
Comment logo 71d2511371b310a928bfcc2ea29c80121c12f6c0d44118adcd7cd7c397c6cdba

Measured on the ground, the length from the front legs to the back legs varies depending on the ladder height. When the M21 ladder is at it's maximum height the footprint is about 17' long by 3'7" wide . As the ladder is lowered the length of the footprint decreases. Typically the length is about 80% of the ladder height. For example, at 20 feet tall, the front and back legs would be roughly 16 feet apart on the ground.

I need to reach my ceiling to change lights but don't have the space to get the legs open all the way. Can I still use it?
7 months ago
Comment logo 71d2511371b310a928bfcc2ea29c80121c12f6c0d44118adcd7cd7c397c6cdba

To be used safely the legs should be completely open and the straps in middle of the ladder should be tight.

Website says delivery in 6 to 12 days. Can you expedite it?
7 months ago
Comment logo 71d2511371b310a928bfcc2ea29c80121c12f6c0d44118adcd7cd7c397c6cdba

There is no expedited shipping for this ladder. It is big enough that it must ship with a freight carrier and can't go air freight. We can usually ship within 48 hours so most of the time it arrives within 7 business days. It ships from Utah so transit to the east coast is about 5 days.

Is there a work station or paint platform that attaches to the top of the skyscraper series
7 months ago
Comment logo 71d2511371b310a928bfcc2ea29c80121c12f6c0d44118adcd7cd7c397c6cdba

There is not a platform that attaches to the top, however, the Little Giant Work Platform is compatible and can be attached to the rungs.

How safe is this ladder for electricians?
5 months ago
Comment logo 71d2511371b310a928bfcc2ea29c80121c12f6c0d44118adcd7cd7c397c6cdba

The ladder is made of aluminum which is conductive, so it should not be used for electrical applications.

Can we express ship? We need this product by the September 21, 2017
about 1 month ago
Comment logo 71d2511371b310a928bfcc2ea29c80121c12f6c0d44118adcd7cd7c397c6cdba

Due to it's size the Skyscraper must be shipped motor freight and cannot be expedited via aircraft. We can sometimes expedite shipment from our warehouse so it leaves in 24 hours but the ladder can arrive only as fast as a trucking company can drive to the destination.

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4.5Based on 11 reviews

By: Victoria Knight  |  5 months ago Verified Purchase  

The product is great. Makes my employees feel extremely safe. Only annoying part is that the straps that hold the ladder together in the middle keep getting caught in the sides when we open and close it.

By: markandon  |  over 1 year ago Verified Purchase  

We love ours! I use it outside to get on the roof or prune some of my trees. We use it inside and outside. It stores compact for such a big ladder.

By: Julene Miller  |  over 1 year ago Verified Purchase  

Just what I expected

By: Michael Semiraro  |  12 months ago Verified Purchase  

15 ft 'A' frame is one of the bigger ladders. The video did not show the best method to open and extend the M15. Never having one of these ladders before, I was able to figure it out and easily extend the 'A' frame to full height myself in about 15 minutes.

By: 6jon6  |  over 1 year ago Verified Purchase  

Little Giant makes the best ladders. I use it all the time so its worth it to me to buy a safer stronger ladder.

By: Howard Pennington  |  12 months ago Verified Purchase  

Very good, meeting my expectations, I strongly recommend!

By: Robert P Day Jr.  |  12 months ago Verified Purchase  

Great product

By: MACCO Mike McCarthy  |  12 months ago Verified Purchase  

Very flexible but heavy and clumsy. Do not attempt to use without help.

By: JASON SHASTRI  |  8 months ago Verified Purchase  

Due to size and weight, I wished that it came with rollers or tires for easy carry.

By: Janel R. Bailey-Keen  |  22 days ago Verified Purchase  

My production team and I were very impressed with this item. I would strongly recommend

By: Tom Larsen  |  16 days ago Verified Purchase  

Heavy, but the best (and probably only) choice to have a 15 ft Aframe ladder in the office. Little Giant quality can't be beat. And I get a good workout everytime I move it.