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With the first multi-purpose ladder designed by Little Giant, it has become increasingly popular among those who want a versatile option. With the ability to be converted to various types of configurations, it is a handy tool to have in any home or business.

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Little Giant ClassicSmall Photo of Classic

$138.99 - $319.99

DeWalt aluminum multipurpose ladderSmall Photo of aluminum multipurpose ladder

$285.71 - $464.40

Little Giant LT LadderSmall Photo of LT Ladder

$179.00 - $199.00

Little Giant super dutySmall Photo of super duty

$361.99 - $427.99

Louisville combination ladderSmall Photo of combination ladder

$391.68 - $454.92

Little Giant VelocitySmall Photo of Velocity

$165.99 - $279.99

Little Giant conquest fiberglassSmall Photo of conquest fiberglass

$581.99 - $671.99

Louisville aluminum articulating ladderSmall Photo of aluminum articulating ladder

$426.36 - $486.54

Louisville aluminum mulipurpose ladderSmall Photo of aluminum mulipurpose ladder

$399.84 - $432.48

Little Giant dark horse ladderSmall Photo of dark horse ladder

$350.99 - $759.99

Louisville step-straight ladderSmall Photo of step-straight ladder

$391.68 - $454.92

Multipurpose Ladders Overview

What is a Multi-Purpose Ladder?

Also referred to as multi-function, articulating and multi-use, a multi-purpose ladder can function in the same way as a variety of different types of ladders. These including extension, stepladders, twin stepladders, stairway or scaffold bases. Due to its versatility, it can be placed in a number of different positions and configurations to suit a variety of different applications. This makes it very versatile compared to all other types of climbing devices available.

How to Choose a Multi-Purpose Ladder

When choosing a multi-purpose model, you should consider the following factors:

  • Application: Offer the ultimate in versatility, but may not offer the durability necessary for a particular project. Be sure to consider how the ladder will be used when determining if this will suit your particular needs.

  • Materials: Typically made of aluminum, though mixed material and fiberglass models are also available. Fiberglass is the best option if it will be used around electricity.

  • Height/Reach: Depending on its current configuration, a multi-purpose model may be able to reach heights ranging from around four feet to more than 20 feet.

  • Duty Rating: Since it can be used for a variety of different purposes, be sure to consider the weight capacity within its various configurations.

  • Safety Concerns: When reconfiguring, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely to ensure all necessary components are properly locked in place to prevent slipping and falls.

Multi-Purpose Ladder Uses

Since these are designed to be converted to serve as various types configurations, the uses are seemingly endless. In the extension position, it can be used to reach rooftops or other areas where there is a stable structure against it can be leaned. As a stepladder, it can be used to reach objects that are not quite so high, such as items that are hanging on walls or located in cabinets. It may also have the ability to be converted to scaffolding, allowing you to remove the inner rails so that it becomes two ladders that can be used as a base for a plank or scaffolding. Due to its versatility, it is a good option for both household and commercial purposes.

Multi-Purpose Ladder Safety Tips

The precise engineering will vary from one brand to the next. Therefore, it is important to read the manufacturer’s tips for use and safety. Most multi-purpose ladders have a hinge at the top that allows it to be converted from a stepladder to an extension and an inner set of rails that allow the height to be adjusted at each side. Ensure these components are completely locked in place and engaged before utilizing the ladder.