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Orchard ladders are a welcome addition to the tools used by anyone with landscape where trees need to be harvested or trimmed. Thanks to the unique tripod design, it can be easily stood next to a tree in such a fashion that simplifies the process of gathering fruit or otherwise tending to the needs of a tree.





Louisville fiberglass tripod ladderSmall Photo of fiberglass tripod ladder

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Orchard Ladders Overview

What is an Orchard Ladder?

An orchard ladder, also known as a tripod ladder, features a unique three-legged design, with the heavy-duty tempered third leg making it possible to use without actually leaning it against something. The design offers an exceptional amount of stability while allowing the user to get close to the tree without taking up valuable space.

How to Choose an Orchard Ladder
  • Application: Since these are designed with one basic application in mind, the only factor that really needs to be considered is the height that is necessary to reach the trees that need to be harvested and trimmed.

  • Materials: Available in a variety of different materials, but aluminum is generally considered to be the best option because it reduces the overall weight and makes it easier to carry from tree to tree while harvesting fruit or trimming the trees.

  • Height/Reach: It is important to consider the overall height that can be reached with the level. This means factoring in the height of the highest step that can be used as well as the height of the person using the ladder.

  • Duty Rating: The duty rating determines the total weight capacity. Therefore, the weight of the user as well as the tools, fruit and other items that are to be carried up and down the rungs need to be considered.

  • Safety Concerns: Since these are designed for use in the outdoors with dirt, grass and other natural elements, it is particularly important to take the steps necessary to prevent slipping. The ideal model will include slip-resistant technology to help assist in this area.

Orchard Ladder Uses

These are used in orchards, farms or other properties where it is necessary to get close to the tree in order to harvest fruit or to trim the branches of the tree. The tripod design eliminates the need to prop it up against a tree, which can create a number of safety hazards. The design also provides more stability than a typical standalone model would provide while also allowing it to stand closer to the tree and its branches.

Orchard Ladder Safety Tips

While tripod climbing devices are designed for outside use, it is still essential to place all three feet on solid, stable ground in order to achieve the greatest amount of safety. It is also important to take the steps necessary to keep shoes clear from mud and other slippery debris before stepping on the rungs, as these substances significantly increase the chances of slipping while climbing up and down the ladder.