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Platform ladders offer a convenient and relatively lightweight option for reaching difficult to reach areas. Since they are standalone units, they can be used virtually anywhere that the ground is solid and level. Furthermore, the platform feature offers a convenient location for keeping tools and other necessary items within a hands reach.

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Platform Ladders Overview

What is a Platform Ladder?

A platform ladder is self-supporting, meaning it unfolds and stands on its own without needing to be propped against a wall or other structure. As the name suggests, it also feature a platform at working level that is typically larger than its rungs. This platform, which generally corresponds in size with the overall size of the ladder, can be used to help decrease foot fatigue while also increasing the overall safety. The platform can also be used as a convenient surface for resting tools, hardware and other items necessary for the job.

How to Choose a Platform Ladder
  • Application: Best used in situations where there are no walls or other structures against which one can be leaned.

  • Materials: While steel is the more commonly used for industrial and warehouse applications, those used for residential purposes are generally constructed from fiberglass or aluminum. Fiberglass is the better option if it will be used while doing electrical work.

  • Height/Reach: Typically range in size from four to 12 feet in height.

  • Duty Rating: Should be rated to hold the weight of the person as well as any tools or materials the user may need while working one one.

  • Safety Concerns: Top rail guards help to prevent falls while a full metal moot helps to prevent slipping. Other beneficial safety features include heavy duty bracing to ensure it remains in the open position while in use and a slip-resistant platform.

Platform Ladder Uses

A platform ladder is used in situations where a ladder cannot be propped against a wall or other surface, such as hanging lights or other items in the middle of a room. Since they cannot reach the same heights as other models, such as extension versions, they many not offer the height necessary for taller jobs such as getting on the roof or cleaning out gutters. They are, however, a good option for performing routine household tasks and simple home improvement projects. In addition, the platform offers a convenient place to rest tools such as hammers, drills, screws, buckets of paint, paint brushes and other items that may be necessary to complete the job.

Platform Ladder Safety Tips

Oner should only be used on a hard, flat surface where there is no risk of sinking into the ground or sliding. It is also important to remember that the platform should never be used as an additional step. Generally speaking, any steps above the platform are also not intended for stepping. Therefore, if the job requires reaching a higher level than the last step designed for standing, a taller model should be obtained for the job. When using the platform to keep tools handy, be sure to remove the items before moving it to another location. Otherwise, you run the risk of injury when items fall from the top.