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Used to make it easier to move from one place to another, rolling ladders come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit various job applications. Carefully selecting the right version can help make a job easier while still keeping safety at a premium.





Louisville warehouse ladder 16" wideSmall Photo of warehouse ladder 16" wide

$175.44 - $498.78

Louisville warehouse ladder 24" wideSmall Photo of warehouse ladder 24" wide

$263.16 - $2,133.84

Rolling Ladders Overview

What is a Rolling Ladder?

A rolling ladder features casters at the base of the unit. With the help of these casters, it can be pushed from one place to another without needing to lift it each time it has to be moved. Eliminating the need to lift it helps to prevent back strain while also preventing exhaustion while working on a project. A rolling ladder may come with multiple steps leading to a higher elevation or it may come in the form of a flat platform design.

How to Choose a Rolling Ladder
  • Application: It is first necessary to consider how and where it will be used. Not only will this help to determine the necessary size and height, but it will also help determine how much platform space will be necessary.

  • Materials: Frequently made from aluminum or steel. The type of material used will have an impact on the weight as well as on certain safety issues, particularly if it is to be used while doing electrical work.

  • Height/Reach: The height determines how far the user will be able to reach when using one. It is important to consider the actual reach height that can be achieved from the highest step that can be safely used rather than considering just the actual length of the ladder itself.

  • Duty Rating: The duty rating determines the overall weight capacity that it can hold. The user weight as well as the weight of items that will be carried up and down the rungs should be considered.

  • Safety Concerns: Since it is designed to be easily moved from place to place, it should have the proper mechanisms in place to lock it in position so that it does not move while in use.

Rolling Ladder Uses

These can be used in many applications, though it is typically used in areas where one will be rolled across a smooth surface. For example, it may be used in a warehouse, on shelves where inventory is stored, in a library or other industrial settings. Typically, one is kept continually available on the floor and simply moved from place to place when needed.

Rolling Ladder Safety Tips

When using a rolling ladder, be sure to lock the casters in place before climbing up the rungs. Failure to do so can result in a great deal of instability and can result in injury as it begins to roll while the user is still standing on it.