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No matter how closely someone adheres to the safety instructions associated with using a ladder, accidents still do occur due to slips, falls and other unforeseen factors. With the help of a safety ladder, the risk of falls and injury can be further reduced each time the ladder is used.





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Safety Ladder Overview

What are Safety Ladders?

Ladder manufacturers have designed a number of add-ons that can help increase the safety of ladders. Among these are harnesses, tie downs, cages, lanyards and stabilizers that are designed for various situations. Some manufacturers, however, have specifically designed models with specialized safety features such as large standing platforms, cages and broad-stance legs designed to help increase stability. While these can still be used along with additional safety equipment, these built-in safety features help to automatically increase the overall safety of the climbing device.

How to Choose Safety Ladders
  • Application: Platform-style and extension-style safety ladders can be used anywhere where these types of models are typically used while providing an added layer of safety protection.

  • Materials: For optimal safety, safety ladders should be constructed from fiberglass in order to eliminate risk of electrocution while working with electricity.

  • Height/Reach: Platform-style safety models generally range from three to 14 feet in height while extension-style safety models can reach up to 32 feet depending upon the use.

  • Duty Rating: Consider how it will be used and select a model with a duty rating that can accommodate the weight of the user as well as any materials that may be carried up and down the rungs.

  • Safety Concerns: Platform-style models feature cages, which eliminates the need to tie-off while at the top of the ladder. Extension-style platform models feature leveling mechanisms to help compensate for uneven surfaces. A super-wide base creates additional stability.

Safety Ladder Uses

With falls and accidents being one of the most common types of workplace injuries, safety climbing devices are a serious consideration for any workplace. Homeowners can also benefit from the use of these as well, particularly when considering the fact that many homeowners perform tasks on ladders while alone. The use of a safety model helps to significantly reduce the risk of a fall or injury while using one. With both platform-style and extension-style models available, safety models can be purchased for a variety of different purposes and height requirements. This also ensures a type of ladder is available regardless of if there is a wall or other structure against which one can be propped.

Safety Ladder Safety Tips

Safety ladders with built-in cages eliminate the need to tie-off when working at the top of a ladder. Similarly, using a safety ladder constructed from fiberglass helps eliminate the risk of electrocution when working with electricity. To ensure one provides all of the safety elements it is built to provide, place it on a flat, solid surface with at least three solid contact points on the ground.